Oggi vediamo una serie di risorse gratuite per Photoshop, che ci aiuteranno nel lavoro di creazione di pagine Web. Alcune delle risorse che vi propongo, si integrano come componenti del nostro software, mentre altre sono dei veri e propri file contenenti Template, elementi, Tutorial e piccole Desktop Application per lavorare.

Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns is a great collection of beautifully applied textures and patterns, both sophisticated and contemporary. At the bottom of the page, creator Atle Mo gives you the option to download all of them as a .pat file to import right in to Photoshop. It’s like he knew we’d be so lazy to have to import each one.

Extensis’ Web Font Plug-in

Extensis, which offers WebINK as a web font solution, has pioneered the web font plug-in effort. Let’s hope this is the first of many web font solutions for Photoshop, since it allows designers to practically apply typefaces without committing to purchasing them. For those who haven’t signed up for WebINK, this plug-in may be the tipping point that gets you to do it. Since it’s dependent on installing Suitcase Fusion 3 (font management software), you get a bonus opportunity to try that out as well. If other font services don’t begin offering such plug-ins, it may be time to switch.

Layer Style Jailbreak

This tutorial by Luke Holder shows you a very under-utilised feature: separating effects on to their own layers for further manipulation. In his example, you’ll learn how to take a drop shadow out of the effects and on to its own layer, where you can shape it using the Free Transform tool. You’ll never have to work so hard to make a page curl shadow again.

Sprite Generator

Creating CSS Sprites can be a hassle, and thankfully there’s plenty of tools out there to help. Even better, Richard Dare offers a solution that works right from Photoshop. It automates the process by choosing files in a folder you select, and the only editing you need to do is to remove any unwanted extra space.

Expanding Universe Toolset for Managing Screen Resolutions

Sometimes designers are so fortunate as to have a project with a target browser or device to design to. In this case, Punchcut‘s Expanding Universe Toolset for Managing Screen Resolutions is amazing. It includes a collection of layered PSDs, each providing common devices for comping and design presentations. It’s refreshing to see someone’s keeping up on all the devices out there.


Kind of an “Adobe Kuler on steroids”, Colorotate is another resourceful colour plug-in to Photoshop. The similarities are apparent: colour palettes and community contributions. The main difference between the two is that the presentation is in 3D, helping some of us grasp colour relation much easier (since it’s said that our brains understand colour in 3D). At $9.99, it’s an inexpensive, yet powerful tool.

Layer Styles

Wouldn’t it be cool if CSS had something like the Photoshop Effects Panel? Wonder no more – Felix Niklas developed this nifty tool, which lets you adjust CSS3 properties such as Drop Shadow, Inner Shadow, Background, Border and Border Radius right in your browser, giving you a live preview of the result. This tool is especially useful for those who are just getting their feet wet with CSS3 or prefer a visual representation of what each adjustment does.